Looking for FF800R17KF6C_B2? USComponent had been selling IGBT power transistor modules since 2001.

FF800R17KF6C_B2, a 1700V IHM 130mm Dual IGBT Module with IGBT2 Low Loss, enlarged diode and AlSiC base-plate. It’s the best solution for your renewable energy and industry applications. The module is manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG formerly Eupec, a renowned semiconductor manufacturer from Germany. Infineon provides semiconductor and system solutions, focusing on three central needs of our modern society: Energy Efficiency, Mobility and Security. FF800R17KF6C_B2 is highly reliable and features robust module construction. It has enlarged diode for regenerative operation.

image from FF800R17KF6C_B2 - An Ideal Dual IGBT Module For Wind Power Systems

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